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Hi, I'm Shannon (nestled in between these two handsome guys), I love creating spaces, incorporating function and purpose to design and decorating just about anything! Even as a kid, decorating and design was very much an interest of mine - I was always arranging (and rearranging) furniture, decorating and daydreaming about it too! So, while I worked full-time in marketing and purchasing for several years, I was also completing my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Strayer University and earning my Certificate in Interior Design from Greenville Technical College. Completing my degree and certificate while working full-time will always be one of my proudest accomplishments. It proves that with hard work, dedication and determination, anything is possible! Luckily, I have an amazing family, friends and colleagues supporting me - most of all, my incredible husband, Jamie.

We've enjoyed spending most of our free time working on DIY projects, watching movies, traveling and more recently, becoming parents! Needless to say, travel plans have changed a bit, but we're enjoying this new adventure as a party of three!

After realizing the dream of becoming a family, it inspired me to launch Staging By Shannon (now Cozy Q Home) in 2015! As a Designer and Stager for everyday people, like myself, I'll help you achieve a design that works for you. Whether you'd like a refresh using your current furnishings with Redesign or an entirely new look, I'd love the opportunity to get your home (occupied or vacant) Styled, Staged and Sold or make your current house "Home Sweet Home".

Here's a little more about my services.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Nearly all home buyers search for houses online, so pictures are their first and often only impression of a home! It's so easy for buyers to search for homes online - they look at photos and swipe past any that don't captivate them - don't let them swipe past your home! Staging is a significant step to selling a home quickly and for top dollar. Staging helps buyers focus on the home and it’s features, not “stuff”, making it more desirable and memorable. An empty, cluttered or disorganized house can make it difficult for buyers to visualize potential or see the value of a home. A professionally Staged home is market-ready from day one! Your photos will help captivate buyers, earning you more showings and offers - sometimes even increasing the purchase price! I offer room-by-room Staging Consultations and Staging Services for occupied homes. I also have inventory to Stage vacant homes and complete everything from design & delivery to set-up & take-down - no need for you to lift a finger!

Redesign & Decorating

If you have a room that is missing that "something", redesign is the way back home! Redesign is a great option to achieve a new look and feel without investing in all new decor and furniture. By rearranging, swapping, removing or adding a few additional pieces - I can create a space that seems brand new! It really is amazing what renewed style, balance and function can do, not only for your space, but for you! I really encourage you to give it a try!


If a complete makeover is what you are looking for, I can create a new design for your space including a new color palette, materials, layout and more. I"ll create a design board with an initial design concept and can work with you until the new design is complete.


Holiday Decoration

The Holidays are always such a busy time of year and seem to sneak up on us! Let me fluff the tree, hang garland, lights and stockings so you can spend more time making memories with your family.

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